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Our History

In the 1990’s Mr. Muin Muinuddin, the past president of Council of the Muslim Community of Canada (CMCC) realized the need to provide services for the ageing population- “The Seniors”. It was his vision and brainchild to set up an organization that can address the needs of and provide the services for seniors.


To take this agenda forward in 1995, the first seminar was organized by him named “Working Together”.

Mr. Muinuddin also organized a workshop in Talim-ul Islam titled “Consulting Elders, Family and Friends”. He emphasized and promoted the need to provide services for seniors. However, on November 19, 1999 the Canadian Islamic Community lost their leader Mr. Muin Muinuddin as he left this world towards his ultimate destination.

CMCC Board decided to embark the vision of Late Mr. Muinuddin which was to create an organization serving the Seniors. This portfolio was assigned to Mrs. Talat Muinuddin and Mr. Hameed Shaikh. In 1999 an independent organization was formed named Reh’ma Foundation and Reh’ma Community Services. Mr. Ally Ismail was appointed as the first president of Reh’ma Foundation and Rehm’a Community Services. Based on the vision of Mr. Muinuddin Reh’ma has been continuously striving to address the needs of seniors.

As the programs and project grew to address the needs of seniors, the board of Reh’ma decided to add services for women, families and newcomers to its mandate. Based on the cultural backgrounds of the clienteles it came out clear that the a family was considered as one unit. For seniors of the family to be happy and healthy, it was important that the needs of the family are taken care of.

Since then Reh’ma Community Services is serving the needs of immigrant seniors and their families which includes women and newcomers with need based programs and services.

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